Saturday, September 13, 2014

Review - Codie Prevost "All Kinds of Crazy"

Codie Prevost 

All Kinds of Crazy

Having been following Codie Prevost's career for a number of years this album was a long anticipated step for Codie.  When I first caught wind of the title I didn't know what to expect and then he released the cover and I knew it was going to be Crazy. Even his manager Al Leblanc, wouldn't give away the secrets of the Album.

Over all this album is going to appeal to various audiences without crossing out of the party Codie always tries to bring to his audiences.  The album takes you from that country party to that slow dance right into the fun that Codie is known for.

When I first heard "I'll be your Whiskey" I had to check to make sure I was listening to the right album (electronic download).  It was to say the least a great surprise to hear Codie having fun and bringing that fun out in the very first song on the album.  I knew I was in for a treat. 

"Stay up late" takes us back to the early days of Codie's career with a little rock-a-billy country which if you have been to Codie's shows is exactly the party he brings.

"Some Day" takes us through a relationship song, but one that everyone can relate to, giving that you will find everything in time, just not always when you want and if you wait love will come your way.  It's a cuddling slow dance for the Grad dances in 2014-2015.

'Last Night all Day" is where Codie makes you want more it's a good up beat Country song, that truly shows why fans truly love Codie and his music.  

So when I come down to it, and give you a final verdict on the album, I don't want to because I want to listen to the album over and over again......It's that much fun and I am now waiting for his next release.

On a scale of 1-5 replays  this gets 4 replays...............  The only thing missing ......... it needed one more of Codie's true upbeat melodies.....and left me wanting more... Not a bad thing

Codie Prevost Country Artist
Codie Prevost at the 2014 CCMA Awards

This is definitely a buy.........

You can catch Codie Prevost on Tuesday Evenings talking to his fans and answering questions. Which is why Codie is this years CCMA Interactive Artist of the year.  

Codie's website  and All Kinds of Crazy can  be bought now on Itunes.

Until Next time........Turn on that Country.