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Olivia Rose is set to take on the Ladies of Country

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It's amazing to be able to follow an artist as they break on the journey that is country music in Canada.  I have the luxury of being able to listen to and see some of those artists that are coming up in the industry and this is another who I have been following for a number of years.

Olivia Rose is to say the least an amazing singer and is just starting out on her journey with her first release to radio "Make Up to Mud" which is receiving great reviews from across country radio.  Olivia has given me an opportunity to not only review this release but also her next 2.

"Make Up to Mud" is upbeat and wants to get the boots moving on the dance floor or while driving on the open road, just watch the gas pedal and the odometer.  Olivia is not responsible for speeding.  It's lots of fun and let's you start to see what kind of star Olivia is going to be.  I can say Kira and Jesse might have some competition in the next couple of years for CCMA female artist of the year.  The song is perfect for Radio and your mp3 player.

Her next release to radio, coming very soon, is "Daddy's Little Girl" which slows things down a little but is going to get lots of air play as we head into wedding season for the fall, especially once newly engaged ladies hear it, they will be requesting it for the Daughter-Father dances.  It is truly inspriational and takes you through the memories of a young lady and her life with her dad, remembering that she will always be "Daddy's Little Girl".  This is the wedding song for 2015-2016 wedding season.

I also got a sneak preview of a single that is heading to radio later in 2015, around or just after CCMA awards and Country Music Week 2015 in Halifax, NS.
"Please Maybe", another upbeat song with a little pop 80's flair to it, but remaining true to her country roots.  You can see the direction Olivia is going in her career and dance floors are going to be thankful.  But there is another thing that is for sure, the three releases this year are going to send Olivia into the spotlight on the country music scene in Canada.

Overall: Olivia is going to be on the charts of country music for a while if these three releases are where she is starting out.

Although not an album review, these 3 original songs are going to be hits and with so much ahead of her I am giving Daddy's Little Girl 5 guitars, "Make Up to Mud" and "Please Maybe" 4 guitars not because they are less than Daddy's Little Girl, but because Daddy's Little Girl grabbed me and I know it is going to be an exceptional release that will hold the test of time especially when it comes to brides and their Dads. 

It's important to also realize that female artists like Olivia are making moves on the country music charts and you will be seeing an influx of female artists in the next few years which is in contrast to the current country music situation, and that is a real threat to the boys.

Oh and Don't let the good looks fool you, this 16 year old is exactly, as she portrays in her music, soft but she is willing to go "Make-up to Mud" in 3 seconds, if she has to, to show her musical abilities both written and vocal.

Olivia Rose has over 10 years experience but she also wants to always make sure she only puts her best out there, with these 3 tunes she has.

You can check her out on her web site Olivia Rose Music

Who knows maybe she might let everyone else hear her new singles at K-days in Edmonton July 20th, 2015 at 8 pm on the North Stage.

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