Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Diary of a Housewife not just a cup of tea

I am very lucky as a photographer to be able to meet so many great artists in the country music industry in doing so I have become friends with many.  As a result I also get the opportunity to see some great up and coming artists, and get to review their albums.

Diary of a Housewife by Andrea Nixon is one of them, hailing from the heart of Western Canada, Edmonton Alberta, Andrea puts it all out there in everything she does.  She is what I like to call true country, influenced by some of the greatest female country singers of all time, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline and some would say Connie Francis at same time the attitude of Carolyn Dawn Johnston and Terry Clark.  She is kickin' butt and taking no prisoners with this album. 

But after having listened to the complete album, I can tell you she is 100% Andrea Nixon, with the flavor of traditional story telling country music.   Diary of a Housewife, is a play on the original songs of  Country Music with Andrea's personal touches.

Fire and Lace - is a traditional country story telling song with a great beat for hitting the dance floor, and moving the boots. I would have to say it is probably a little bit about Andrea, because it describes her to a tee.

Home Front - This is one of those you can see the video as the song plays, it takes you to the open fields of hay while horseriding.  The feel is one of those that Dusty could have dropped in a heartbeat and had a big hit with.

Breaking Through takes you on a trip through the thoughts of Andrea as she deals with some of life's troubles and how she comes to dealing with them.

Innerglow has that rocky Miranda Lambert or Taylor Swift feel with all the grit.  This is going to be a hit, this will be the breakthrough song for Andrea. It has everything needed to kick it up a notch and keeping you wanting even more.

Song Without a Name is a great 2 step that takes you back to the 70's style but keeps you dancing it up on the dance floor today with a Reba attitude and twang to it, but still keeping Andrea grounded to her first love Story Telling Country music.  Warning don't start tapping the right foot while driving I am sure that Andrea will not be paying those speeding tickets.

Stronger than the Storm  starts out a little like its going to be one of those sad songs but progresses to be just like the rest of the album a look into the feelings of Andrea Nixon, but there is little of that Karen Carpenter influence hiding in this one.

A Memory Ago - is that 1970's Joni Mitchell style that had you wondering what they were smoking while they wrote it, because your marching to the beat and enjoying that piano all the time thinking you have hit the time shift and dropped down in the middle of the country festival that has a little more than music smoking.  But again I tell you I can hear the crowd screaming as the song comes to an end.

Waiting for the Sirens -  life deals things up when you least expect it and Waiting for the sirens is a heart wrenching depiction of those feelings that rush through you as you are dealing with an emergency.  Andrea portrays those feelings through just the sound of her voice.

You didn't make me - here comes the troublemaker here, I am expecting to see her coming on stage and breaking down the front door to get in. and then seeing a big fight break out in the middle of the stage.  Defintely a Taylor swift influence on this one.  Except in this one Andreas blows smoke as she takes off the start line on the green light leaving everyone in her dust.

Nothing lies slows it down, and just in time for a waltz, country style.  Think along the lines of Georgia by Canada's Carolyn Dawn Johnston and you got this one, with such a great story told by an up and coming story teller.

You may ask why I left the first song on the album to the last.  I do it sometimes on purpose so i am not influenced by what the producer or artist think is the catch song on the album......

Million Miles Away - and this is where the Dolly Parton influence kicks in, giving you the style and feel of Andrea Nixon having all kinds of fun while creating her definitely original style and sound with pieces of everything she loves in country music.

The album Diary of a Housewife deals with life through the eyes of a storyteller, and a great singer. The trials and tribulations along with the fun, all through out you can feel Andrea singing directly to you and telling you her inner most feelings based on experience that can only be brought by having dealt with those situations in real life.

I love this album because it is great as well as a lot of fun to listen too.  I always love it when the sound of an artist reminds of those country songs I grew up with whether it's Tammy Wynette, Tanya Tucker, or Connie Francis, bringing back that sound today is something that makes you stand out in the crowd and Andrea definitely stands out in a good way.

After Listening to Diary of A Housewife I have to give it 4 guitars out of 5 with a steel guitar in there for good mix.

Now I want to hear Andrea's Next Album................. to buy her album on ITUNES or right off her page and get the CD from her in the store.

Ron Palmer - is a photographer, a member of the Association of Country Music in Alberta, Canadian Country Music Association and founder of A Cause for Country Foundation and festival in Edmonton.

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