Sunday, July 1, 2018

Justine Blanchet is ready to fly with new Music

Having followed Justine for a number of years, having seen how proud she was to be able to sing for Remembrance day in her Air Cadet Blues.  She caught my eye with that one image, and knowing how hard training with the RCAC prepared you for life, having myself served with the 283rd Air Cadets Moss Park and having presented colours on Remembrance day.  It is great to see her taking that training and transforming it to her music career.  She is now making those dreams coming true with the release of one of 2 songs this last month.  Being from La Belle Province, makes it a little bit harder to break out in the world of Country Music but Justine is following the path taken by Jason Benoit, a couple of years back. Justine though is about to break out dropping 2 singles in the space of a month. 

The first "Ready to Fly" is opening the door for a great career going forward released just in time for Fathers Day, Justine has timed it just right.   With Co-writer Dean Young, the song is destined for many weddings this summer replacing the traditional "daddy's little girl" by Red Sovine at weddings across the country.

This Former Air Cadet from 682 Air Cadets Laurentides is putting her training to good use.

It's Only Country reached out to Justine to find out the idea behind "Ready to Fly", here is what she had to say:

The idea of writing a father-daughter wedding song came from my mom. She knows how much my father and I are close. I loved the idea and started right away to think about what message and feeling this song could carry. I wanted the song to be nostalgic about the past, so you can understand how deep the relationship is between a father and a daughter but also optimistic because father and daughter will always be close at heart no matter what.
Then I contacted John Payne, a guy that has a country radio show with his wife Arlene. I trusted John’s judgement and asked him if he knew a country singer who has a great voice and personality and would like to do a father daughter duet with me. He suggested Dean right away. I watched a video he made on his song Last Made Standing and felt in love with his voice and his personality. John contacted Dean and he was also interested. So we started talking and get to know each other.
I came up with the melody and the lyrics for the chorus and my verse and Dean wrote his verse. He and his wife also provided clips of their daughter which we included in the music video. Finally in March, Dean drove 7 hours to record in studio with me and shoot the video. We had so much fun together!
It’s heart warming to know that my song has touched so many people."
You can check out the Video here Ready To Fly

Her second release "Feelin Free" is a little more of a fun pop country, that does what I am sure every student has thought of doing but never had the guts..... you will even notice when the teacher gets mad she throws out a little french.... But it is a fun song and is a great followup to Ready to Fly 
 You can check out "Feelin Free" Feelin Free
Justine has a number of covers on her Youtube page. 
This lady is going to be coming up in country music and is going to lead the way for female artists from Quebec, You are not going to be able to say that Quebec has no country music because here she is:
Cadet Blanchet.........Move Out.
Miss Justine Blanchet
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